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The Lord of Desultory Manor ([personal profile] mlknchz) wrote2017-04-15 02:58 pm


I watched the first episode of the new Netflix season last night. I was pretty disappointed. This is NOT a series that throwing more money at will make better. Much of the charm of the original series was from it's DIY imagination. There was also a sense that it was a sort of a secret geek club that most people wouldn't understand. That time has passed; geek culture has "won" to such an extent that EVERYONE is a geek in one way or another, so the secret club aspect of the show is gone.
Secondly, it's simply not nearly as witty as it was. The jokes seem a lot more contrived, a lot less spontaneous.
Making Tom Servo fly? WTF kind of gimmick is that? Letting Gypsy into the theatre from the rafters? Again, a gimmick with no real purpose. I'm sad because I was a fan of the original show, and hoped this new series would be able to recapture its goofy FUN.

Not everything needs to be re-booted.

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