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All belief systems, religious, magical, occult, all of these are simply different masks on the same thing: the Idea of the power of belief. All of these systems use ritual to allow the “ seeker” to attain altered states of consciousness. But the ritual, in itself, is only utile to the extent that it allows the “seeker” to BELIEVE that these altered states of consciousness can be achieved. The specific trappings of the ritual are unimportant except to the extent that they help to provide a framework for the experience.
Christian ritual tends to lead to a specific type of religious experience, as ritual magic does in another context. To state this plainly, WE ACHIEVE THE ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS THAT WE EXPECT TO ACHIEVE through any ritual. The “placebo effect” relies on the knowledge of the patient that the placebo will achieve a certain specific result, whether given for headache, or as a laxative, or for whatever reason, and THAT is the result that is achieved. Clearly, taking a sugar pill, by itself, cannot have all of those different results. Central to the Voodoo practice of casting a spell on someone is the voudun making SURE that the “cursed” person knows precisely what curse is being placed on him or her. Therefore, it cannot be the ritual in itself that is the key, but the state of acceptance, of belief that is important.
Don Juan Matus could fly NOT because the specific pharmacological rituals he used enabled him to do so, but because he EXPECTED, he BELIEVED that those rituals would enable him to fly. The stigmata does not exhibit because God wishes it to, but because the Christian ritual enables the “seeker” to BELIEVE that that will be the result of faith.
But the point is that in these rituals, whatever they may be, allow us to tap into the wellspring of faith, of belief, through which all things become possible. BUT, and this is important, these rituals also LIMIT us to a pre-conceived set of results. We set these limits on ourselves by accepting ANY specific dogma about what faith is. The key is to believe ANYTHING is possible, NOT to believe that certain things are possible under certain ritual circumstances.
Miracles can happen, but only to those who have faith in the idea of miracles. The “occult” (which means hidden) meaning is that DOUBT HAS BEEN USED FOR CENTURIES TO DISCOURAGE OUR ABILITIES. We have all been brought up for the last few hundred years to believe that doubt is a good thing. But it only serves to cloud belief, faith, and certainty. And this faith is the wellspring from which all miracles, magic, psycho-kenesis, call it what you will, flow. The “rational” is a prison. We believe in the rational now, and that has become our reality.
When you think about it historically, the mid-Seventeenth Century was the time when witch trials and persecutions were at their height. This was ALSO the time of the birth of “Enlightenment”, the so-called Scientific Method, which states, as it’s most treasured tenent, “nothing is true that cannot be proven to be true”. This period was ALSO the time of the Rise of Nations, or Statism, the time when centralized governmental control was becoming the rule. Witches, people who, even to a small extent, understood the power that lies inside all of us, could NOT be tolerated. In the struggle between individuals and the State, the State could not hope to win without suppressing this power, and replacing it with a new belief system that limited our potential to manageable levels. Religion could be tolerated because the result of the religious experience, as it was understood then, could not challenge the power of the State. Religion parceled out power through intermediaries, and these intermediaries had as much interest in protecting the status quo ante as the most ardent statist.
However, the person who goes beyond the dogma, beyond the doubts, will find LIMITLESS potential awaiting them. They will be able to travel between different realities as easily as thought. They will be able to change states of consciousness without the use of any ritual, or substance. They will, in fact, cease to be bound to the earth at all. And all that is needed to achieve this is perfect faith in the power of belief.


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