Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Let me make one thing very clear first off; I am NOT, in any way, a supporter of our new president. I have many, many issues with him, and his policies. You will see me be highly critical of him and his policies. You will not, however, see me make snide and snarky "funny" attacks on his wife or children. You will NOT hear me say "not my president", because, in fact, he is. Too many people condone these sort of attacks by saying, "Well, look at what people have said about Obama, or his family, now the tables have turned, we're justified in saying them about Trump and his family".
No, just no.
You're acting like children. It doesn't matter what the "other side" has done, we're NOT "the other side". Be better than your opponents, otherwise, what's the difference between you? You ARE NOT defending Obama with these tactics. Neither he, nor his family has ASKED you to act like this. If anyone in the world is justified in making these sort of attacks, it would be the former president. You'll note he has not. He has acted in a dignified, statesman-like manner, being above petty insults. Be like the man you claim to be "defending", Prove you're better than your opponents by BEING better than your opponents.
Fight Trump on the issues, not by acting like five year-olds


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